Beautiful websites that help your business grow.

Whether you are starting a passionate side project, or making a full-time living selling your products or services, I can help to get you to another level in a digital space.

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We’ve got you covered. Stop wasting time. Our team will take over the requirements, management and website creation.

Total website ownership

We don’t hold your website hostage through hosting or by owning your domain. You have complete control over your website.

Hassle free

We’ve been through this many times. We have processes in place that work and minimize delays and keep things professional.

SEO friendly

Optimized for search engines so everyone can find your content.

Superb quality

No more working with posers or people you don’t trust to create sub par work.

Easy to use

Finally get a website you can use and edit every part of it yourself – easily.

No disappearing

We won’t stop answering in the middle of the project and leave you with a half finished website like some freelancers without a contract.


The best & easiest to use CMS, confirmed by non-techie clients over and over again.

Google Analytics

Awesome stats – See how many visitors you’re getting and what sites and search terms they’re using to find you, or dig even deeper with our Google Analytics integration.

Marketing Savvy

Reach the right audience, with the right message. We are results oriented.

Fully responsive

Your site will look great and work seamlessly across differences devices and screen sizes.

Website speed

There is nothing that will turn your visitors or Google away faster than the speed of your website. We have the right know-how.

Fast & friendly support

No ridiculous monthly maintenance fees. If you need help or additional services, we’ll quote you per project.

“Stella is hands down the best developer I’ve ever worked with. She is truly professional, responds quickly, and somehow always figures out how to solve all my issues and special wishes. She is a pleasure to work and communicate with, and I will recommend her to everyone (as long as it doesn’t keep her from being available when I need her 🙂 ).”

Camilla Hager, HvabeHager

“It was an excellent experience working with Stella on our WordPress theme development project. She’s responsive, fast and easy to work with. She understands that projects are complex and asks the right questions to get the project completed properly. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!”

Eric Pezik, Q4 Creative

“Stella was really great to work with, our site looks great – we couldn’t be happier! I’m sure that I will have more work for Stella as we look to add to our business. She was always willing to walk us through anything, no matter how confused I was and it made all the difference.
In the few days our site has been up, I’ve already gotten great compliments on it!”

Nicole Mueller & Anna Ebert, FunnelCake

“I’m 100% happy that I chose Stella to create a new WordPress site for our company. She proved to be the most helpful web designer we’ve ever worked with – totally reliable, very personable, did exactly what she promised to do and willingly stayed around to help with bedding the site in at our new hosting provider. At all times she gave good feedback to us, she was professional throughout and we’re very happy with the results of her work.
My only hesitation in volunteering this reference is that she’ll get too busy to work with us in future! I absolutely intend to commission her again. She’s a delight to work with.”

Nick Hayes, Influencer50 Inc.

“Thank you so much for respecting all of the necessary requirements I asked for. They look great. I surely appreciate all the work you have done. Now I am quite proud to tell everyone to check out our new website. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined.”

Jane Watkins, Watkins Stained Glass Studio