Your privacy is important to us, and therefore we hereby regulate the manner of collecting, storing, and using Your personal data which You voluntarily provide as a user accessing our website.

For the purposes of these terms, personal data are all data relating to an individual private or legal entity, by which it can be directly or indirectly identified. Stella Stopfer is processing Your personal data in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner solely and exclusively for the purpose for which it was collected and the terms apply only to personal data collected from online sources that contain a link to our website. Collecting personal data from any other source is excluded.

Stella Stopfer collects your personal information in order to promote and sell its products and services. For example, Stella Stopfer may collect and use Your personal data for purposes of providing information on products and services, distributing promotional messages about other products and services, and communicating with users. Personal data is kept in accordance with applicable legal regulations, for the period of time required to fulfill the stated purpose.

In the event that Stella Stopfer intends to process personal data for purposes other than one for which Your personal information was collected, Stella Stopfer will contact and inform You furthermore of the other purpose of processing Your personal data, along with all other relevant information. However, Stella Stopfer reserves the right in certain cases to carry out additional processing of data to the extent permitted or prescribed by law.

By accessing our website, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube profile, You give the consent for collecting and using Your personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein, and You agree that Stella Stopfer may, at its sole discretion, modify, supplement, delete or in any way update the terms of protection of Your personal data. Stella Stopfer will make all changes visible on its web site with the indication of personal data that is collected and the means and purposes for processing them, as well as the conditions under which personal data can be inspected.

You can check at any time whether Your personal information is up to date and accurate, or at any time You can request from Stella Stopfer access to your personal information that is collected, corrected, or deleted, as well as request the limitation of processing Your personal data. Also, at any time you can revoke your consent to process your personal data, request that we stop sending You email newsletters and notifications to your address, as well as make a complaint about the current personal data collection. Please send your written request by e-mail to We will resolve your request quickly and in an appropriate manner. In the event of a violation of your personal data, you are entitled to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Agency.

You can access our website without registration or registration, without disclosing Your identity. However, to access some of our services we offer on our website (e.g. registration of architects and designers, sales partners, job applications via the web site, etc.), it is necessary to fill out forms with certain personal data. If You do not want to provide the said personal data, You will not be able to access the requested pages and Stella Stopfer will not be able to answer your request.

Stella Stopfer expressly declares that will not sell, share or otherwise transfer Your personal data to third parties, except under the terms and in the manner determined by these terms. Stella Stopfer reserves the right to disclose Your personal data to third parties who are hired by Stella Stopfer to provide certain services on behalf of Stella Stopfer or/and in connection with other Stella Stopfer business activities, solely for the purposes in which the personal data were originally collected and for which You have given Your consent, for what Stella Stopfer will pay particular attention to.

To protect the security and confidentiality of the user personal data we collect online, we use the prescribed security technologies and procedures, and all data is password-protected. Stella Stopfer takes all necessary steps to protect your personal data from hazards such as loss, abuse, unauthorized access, destruction, etc.

Stella Stopfer can collect and process anonymous data obtained by Your access to our website and performed searches. Such anonymous data is used for internal purposes of product and service improvements, as well as for the internal statistics purposes.

For this purpose, our website uses cookies that collect information about your email address, domain name, and date and time of access to the website. Cookies cannot be used to reveal your identity. The cookies that we use are the following:

Expiry period: 2 years
Purpose: Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users.

Expiry period: 1 minute
Purpose: Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate.

Expiry period: 24 hours
Purpose: Used to distinguish users.

Expiry period: 1 year
Purpose: Provides easy-to-use protection against Cross-Site Request Forgeries. This type of attack occurs when a malicious website contains a link, a form button or some JavaScript that is intended to perform some action on your website, using the credentials of a logged-in user who visits the malicious site in their browser. A related type of attack, ‘login CSRF’, where an attacking site tricks a user’s browser into logging into a site with someone else’s credentials, is also covered.

Expiry period: 2 years
Purpose: Session cookies will typically store information that does not personally identify the user, in order to keep track of the user’s input when filling online forms, selecting languages, etc. They do not collect information from the user’s computer, and they are erased when the user closes the Web browser.

Stella Stopfer does not collect and process minors’ personal data. Exceptionally, in the case of the personal data collection of minors, parents will be informed about the type of personal information collected from persons under the age of 18 and / or offer them the possibility of revoking the consent for the collection, use and transfer of personal data of their children to third parties.

You can send your comments, complaints, or suggestions to improve these terms by email at