Have a bunch of questions? Let’s try to address most of your questions and concerns.


Pricing & Payment

How much does a website cost?

A budget for a regular website (blog included if necessary) is €4,000 (or approximately $4,200).

A budget for a website with a webshop (we add up to 30 products) is €7,000 (or approximately $7,350).

For special features such as booking, custom search, live chat, etc. or special integrations (with Hubspot, a CRM of your choice), we’ll give you a separate quote.

When do I need to make a payment?

We have split the payment into two; the first payment is made at the beginning when we are starting the project and the second one when the website is complete, just before we move it to your server.

Why? Every now and then it happens that a client becomes unresponsive in the middle of the project, because they still haven’t delivered some content or because they have too much work and have put this on the back burner. That doesn’t mean we will give up on the client, but if they pick up a year later, we will be happy to continue.

How do I make a payment?

As a b2b transaction, you can do a bank transfer. We will send you our details including the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and SWIFT/BIC of the bank. The details will be enclosed on the invoice. You can also make a payment online in Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, different than any currency you’ve used before. Unlike government issued money that can be inflated at will, the supply of Bitcoin is mathematically limited to twenty one million bitcoins and that can never be changed.

The system is peer-to-peer, and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary. Since the system works without a central repository or single administrator, Bitcoin is called the first decentralized digital currency.

Sources www.bitcoin.com and Wikipedia.

If you have never used cryptocurrencies before, we advise you to use the payment system you are comfortable with. But do read about, it’s important for the future of our economy and the internet.

How are invoices handled?

Before we sign a contract, we need you to send us your full business name, address and business number, so we can send you an invoice for the first payment. If you are ordering a website as an individual, then it will be your name, address and tax number.

Will there be any additional costs?

There is no reason for additional costs when we follow what was defined by the contract, regarding the project and the timeframe. We have an agreed upon price.

If you decide during the project that you would like to add new features or we need to change a solution but to new requirements, we will give you an estimate for any extra work and make an addition to the contract. Or if you decide that a project needs a different direction due to a business decision you make, we will bill you the amount of work that was done thus far, and provide you with an estimate for new work.

What happens if I’m not 100% satisfied when you show me the finished website?

No need to worry. You have 3 detailed revisions and after each, we go in and make the changes before we present it to you again. And we keep in touch during the website build. The goal is to create an attractive, quality website that delivers results and is to your liking.


Timeframe & Contracts

How long will the project take?

After we have received all of your content, it will take about a month to a month and a half to deliver a finished and fully tested website. For e-commerce websites, the timeline might be longer, depending on the number of products and special features. We will discuss that individually.

Who owns the legal rights and assets developed by you?

All work becomes the property of our clients, you, upon the website completion and release of the payment for that work.


Website content

This is my first website. What do I need to get beforehand?

You need to sort out your domain name and hosting. A domain name is the url, the web address your website will appear on once you type it in your browser. It tends to cost the same no matter where you get it. You can do some Google work to find some good domain registrars. Hosting is the service you use to keep your website (files) on. Think of it a lot on which you will build a house. We can suggest a couple of hosting companies, depending on your needs. Send us an email or ask us during our first meeting.

No, we are not affiliates for any of them.

What do I need to deliver before you begin working on the new website?

1. Text – Your final version of content for each page of your new website compiled in a document or organized and named in corresponding text documents for each page.
2. Images – High-resolution images (minimum 2000px) that can be used on the website.
3. Videos – Videos (if any), should be provided either as a list of titles and links in case you have them hosted online (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) or if they will be hosted on the server/website, each video should be delivered in .mp4, .webM and .ogv formats. We can consult on this if necessary.
4. Blog posts – Access to your old blog/website, if you have one, so we can export all of your old blog posts and import them to the new website.
5. Domain – Domain registrar username and password if your domain isn’t already pointed to your hosting account.
6. Hosting – Hosting information; cpanel username and password, host name, FTP username and password. You will find all of that information usually in one of the first emails you get from the hosting company after you sign up.

How can we deliver content to you?

1. Your final version of content (text) for each page should be compiled in a document or organized and named in documents for each page accordingly.

2. High-resolution images (minimum 2000px) should be organized in folders if you have a portfolio and/or properly named.

You can upload your content to Dropbox or Google Drive and share it with us.

I don’t have images of my business and my team. What do I do?

We will always advise you to get a photographer, someone who is a storyteller themselves, to take photos of your business, products, people… A website and a company with great photos will always do better because it will be more genuine, you will create a better connection with your customers and it will help your website stand out.

If a photographer is not in your budget right now, or you need to get your website up and running quickly, there is always an option of playing with illustration or stock photography. We will avoid photos that will make your business look like any other, but you should never expect miracles, just a professionally looking website. We have plenty of examples in our portfolio.



Do you provide support?

Yes. You can send all of your support tickets to this email: support@stellastopfer.com. Your queries will be responded within 48 hours (business days only). For feature requests, we will first respond with a time and budget estimate before we start working.

How will I be charged for support stuff?

After the job is done, we will send you an invoice. No milestones, no upfront payments.

Do you charge a monthly maintenance fee?

No. Since we use WordPress as the CMS, it is up to our clients to decide whether they want to take care of and edit their website or leave that job to us. If you want us to make updates or occasionally add content or new features, you can email support and we’ll get back to you with a time and budget estimate.


Website Launch

We need a fixed launch date because of our business launch or a marketing strategy. Can that be done?

Yes. Let us know at the beginning of the project what your plans are. And remember, fast communication is the key to a project carried out on time.


Communication & Process

What will our collaboration look like?

We have a pretty standardized process and we have broken it down in steps:

  1. Discuss all project requirements and design preferences with our client.
  2. Present a contract to our client.
  3. Signing of the contract and making the first payment (50%).
  4. The client delivers content via Dropbox or Google Drive.
  5. We design and develop the website according to client’s requirement.
  6. We keep in touch, updating the client about the progress.
  7. We test the website across all browsers and mobile devices.
  8. We send the development website link to our client for review.
  9. The client revises the website in detail and sends in their thoughts and changes.
  10. We apply the changes.
  11. The revision process is done 3 times (points 9 & 10).
  12. Once we agree on the final look and functionality of the website, the client makes the final payment (50%).
  13. We migrate the website to client’s server and launch it.


Do you do migrations to WordPress?

You need a new website, but you also have a blog with many posts on Weebly/Wix/Wordpress.com/Blogger/other that you would like to move to WordPress? We can do that for you, no problem.

During the website development, we will move your blog posts to showcase the design of the new interface for your blog. But you can keep posting on your blog as usual. Just before we launch the website, we’ll move all of the new posts that were created in the meantime to the new website.

Do you develop in Drupal, Joomla or Magento?

No. We only do WordPress because we have found it to be the best solution for our clients. We have focused solely on this platform, we know it inside and out and we continue to learn as it develops. If we feel that there is a better option for a client that requested a website from us, we will suggest they find another company better suited for the project.



Which e-commerce solution do you use with WordPress?

We use WooCommerce. It has been voted as the best e-commerce solution over and over throughout the years. They frequently update their system and it’s a free solution in it’s basic form.

Which features come with our new webshop?
  1. Discount codes – Powerful and flexible discount codes offer you a variety of ways to market new products, promote your store, and reward loyal customers.
  2. Pre-installed payment gateways – Choose from five pre-installed gateways including: Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery, Credit card payments with PayPal or Credit card payment with Simplify Commerce (available for US only) which supports Hosted Payments (a PCI Compliant hosted payment platform).
  3. Checkout options – Enable or disable guest checkout and force secure all checkout processes on your store. Sell to specific countries or anyone in the world.
  4. Set the default currency – Choose from a range of currencies as your default currency.
  5. Geo-location support – Built-in geolocation support (with a page caching support option) allows your store to auto-detect your customer’s address – making shipping and tax calculations simpler.
  6. Cart behavior – Choose to redirect your customers to cart after adding a product or let them continue shopping.
  7. Inventory management – You can manage your store’s inventory easily, track stock levels, hold stock for a period if an order is canceled, receive notifications to a custom email address (for both low and out of stock items), hide out-of-stock items and more.
  8. Cart shipping calculator – You can enable a shipping calculator on the cart page. Optionally you can hide shipping costs until an address is entered.
  9. Flexible shipping destinations – Select from shipping address and billing address or only ship to users billing address.
  10. Restrict sales – Restrict shipping locations by country.
  11. Multiple shipping methods & zones – Flat rate, International Shipping, Local delivery, Local pickup or Automatic which chooses the cheapest method available. Or even offer free shipping. Create multiple shipping zones and add any combination of shipping methods to any single zone.
  12. Custom tax calculations – Taxes can be calculated based on your customer’s shipping address, billing address or your stores base address.
  13. Control the display of taxes in your store – Select if prices are displayed in the shop excluding or including tax. Select if prices are displayed during cart and check excluding or including tax and select if tax totals are displayed itemised or totalled.
  14. Product reviews – Enable or disable the ability for people to leave product reviews on your store.
  15. Owner verification – Choose to allow reviews from verified customers only and show a verified customer label for reviews.
  16. Reports – Sales reports can show both net and gross amounts you’ve earned. Track your sales and growth trends.
  17. Offer refunds – By using the Simplify Commerce, PayPal payment gateway or any other supported gateway, you can offer pain-free refunds to customers.
Can I list a product with variations, like sizes and numbers?

Yes. You can create any product variables you need. They can be different or same for every product. You can also add SKUs.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can add to my website?

No, you can add as many as you want.

Can I track my orders and sales?

Your dashboard includes sales orders, traffic and an at-a-glance status summary window. Sales reports can show both net and gross amounts you’ve earned. There is also a print stylesheet and added extra data on refunds to reports. Easily gain insight into your products and orders.

How do I take care of my shipping?

Send shipment notifications, handle refunds, update stock levels, and fulfill orders on-the-go with built-in WooCommerce features. Calculate real-time shipping rates from FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Which custom features can I add to my webshop?

There are so many custom features that we can add to your webshop, from additional payment gateways, shipping options, EU VAT calculations, product comparison, rewards, automatically generated invoices, live chat and plenty more. Tell us what you need and we’ll propose a solution.

Can I get some training on how to use my webshop? I’m new at this.

We are preparing detailed videos for our clients that you can watch over and over again until you master every aspect of your webshop. If we’ve missed something, you can always email support (support@stellastopfer.com). In the meantime, you can schedule a video call with one of our developers to walk you through the process.

Do you offer support services for webshops?

Yes. If you need us to upload products for you, make changes or add new features, send a request to our support and we’ll get back to you with and time and budget estimate.

Will my store be search engine optimized?

SEO is a key part of running an online business, and your shop comes optimized for search engines, based on Google’s own recommendations.